Day Trip 101

Do you love to travel? We sure do!! Sometimes it could be difficult to plan traveling. We get mad and distracted when different kinds of obstacles come up; we all have families and busy schedules, or sometimes there could be just a lack of finances. This list goes on and on...

But look around! Traveling doesn't always mean we need to spend a fortune and buy a plane ticket to go to Europe (even though it sounds like so much fun). Think about exploring somewhere closer. And that’s exactly what we did!

It was a random Thursday when we decided to go to a different state, and it sounds more distant than it really was. We live just 15 minutes from the Georgia border, so we crossed the border line between Florida and Georgia and headed to Thomasville.

We always go through Thomasville when traveling up north, but never really had a chance to stop and explore this unique town.

As we already mentioned, the ride to Thomasville was a breeze. Once we got out of the car we instantly felt this welcoming smell of something sweet in the air. The smell was so irresistible that right away we found a local lady and demanded answers from her! She admitted that in fact it was coming from Flowers commercial bakery, that has been operating since 1919!

After a little chat with very helpful lady we took a stroll through the historic downtown, enjoyed a very pleasant visit to the local book store and several souvenir shops. We stopped by a small coffee shop called Sweet Cacao Chocolates which serves Lucky Goat Coffee, and (get ready!) “sipping hot chocolate”! The taste was heavenly! Warm and smooth, very delicious!

Meanwhile we had several encounters with the local citizens, and (oh my!) just let me tell you how wonderful, nice, and helpful all those people were! True southern hospitality at its best!

For lunch we decided to stop at Jonah's Fish and Chips. We ordered crab stuffed salmon. It was sensational; it just melted in the mouth; crunchy on the outside, moist and juicy on the inside. Sides of roasted Brussel sprouts and sautéed vegetables were nicely seasoned and flavorful.

At the end of the day we saw only a fraction of all the sightseeings and points of interest Thomasville has to offer. Even though it seems like a tiny town, lots of things are left to explore. We are looking forward to going back there and learning more about the history of this charming town, and most certainly to try more of their flavorful and delectable cuisine.

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