Heavenly Protein Bars

Make those healthy protein bars in advance and keep it in your freezer for a quick midday "pick me up"

Those are easy to make, and is a great alternative to store bought treats.

3 cups of oats

5 tbsp os almond butter

3 tbsp of peanut butter

1 scoop of protein of your choice

2 tbsp of honey

3 tbsp of cocoa powder

5 tbsp any nut milk

Chocolate chips or dried chopped fruits

Melted chocolate chips 2 cups

Coconut oil 2-4 tbsp

Almond extract

Put the oats into a food processor and grind it to make an oatmeal flour. (grind well )

Add everything else to the oatmeal flour in the food processor except the nut milk and additives (chocolate chips or fruit). Mix well. After that start adding milk by 1 tablespoon till you have the dough that is not too dry not too liquidy. You should be able to press it into it a square form (with parchment paper at the bottom). It should be like a Play Dough. When you feel that the door has the right consistency, you may add any of the additives that you want.

Press the dough into the square form with parchment paper at the bottom. Put in the freezer for 20 minutes. In the meantime melt the chocolate chips. Add coconut oil so your chocolate becomes runny. Add almond extract. Mix well. (Depends on the type of chocolate chips that you are using you might want to use more or less of a coconut oil so it's easy to cover your protein bars with chocolate).

Get your pan out from the freezer, cut the dough into squares and cover it with chocolate by using a spoon. Put some sea salt on top.

Put back in the freezer for 20 minutes.


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