Not your regular fast food

Our lives are so busy and intense that sometimes we forget how important it is to take care of our bodies. I mean, sure you went to the gym three times this week, but how many times did you grab something on your way home from your local fast food place? I’m pretty sure you know that 70-80% of your success of being healthy and fit comes from what you eat.Times are changing and with that, new modern fast food places are arising. If you have no time to spare , but you want to eat well throughout the week, come to Vale.

The concept is simple, with both savory and sweet options being available at this place. It’s important not only to be able to buy nutritious food, it’s also essential to determine if it’s safe for the environment and community. It's great that they are sending a good message!

You can create your own balanced bowl with your choice of carbs, protein, and fiber, and top it off with the refreshing açaí. If you are just swamped with work, they also offer a delivery option! ( How cool is that!)

What we liked about the food that it was simple and actually tasted like if you would cook it at home.

The veggie quinoa was pleasant and well seasoned ! This brought back memories of me trying to cook it for the first time. Not an easy task I have to tell you to make such a bland and tasteless product edible and actually desirable.

The tuna poke bowl was pure enjoyment. The combination of flavors and texture in this dish was spot on! Spicy tuna, smooth and creamy avocado, crunchy scallions, and acidic quinoa, all work well together.

The açaí and dragon bowl were colorful and flavorful, very refreshing, exactly what you need to tame that heat left in your mouth by the previous dish.

Both locations have a nice environment and extremely helpful employees. The vibe is modern and hip.

We are really happy that places like Vale started to appear, and what makes us even more happy is that we're seeing younger generation truly enjoying healthy and energizing meals!

We also hope that North side of Tallahassee will see Vale in the near future!

Text by TallyLifestile

Photography Tatyana Grigoryan

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